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On-Your-Site Classes


Are you looking to incorporate more physical activity or shake things up with fun games for a youth group setting such as daycares, school groups, church groups, or other youth programs? 

     If your answer is yes ,then do not hesitate to contact Rising Star Athletics!  We offer the same type of weekly sessions as we do for the Rising Star location classes or we could arrange for a one time event session.  

What will the sessions consist of?

     A professionally trained coach will come to your facility/designated space to provide the same kind of high quailty instruction to your group of  chidren as we do for the Rising Star location classes.  Depending on the size and location of the youth group, we may do the same classes listed in our "classes" section of the website or we may determine other activities to be more appropriate.  We again keep safety top of mind  and will work with you to ensure each child has a great experience! 

What age groups is this for?

    Kids 2 years old and up!   We currently keep the Rising Star location classes  from 2 - 6 years old, but  we can accomodate any age group in the On-Your-Site classes.

How big or small can the youth group be?

     We serve groups from 8 - 20 children per session depending on age of the children and size of the location.  Kids would be divided into age appropriate groups for  30 - 45 minute classes.

What is the cost?

     Cost is $8 per child per class.  There may be additonal fees for groups under 8 children, longer class sessions, or for longer travel distances.  Fees can be collected through your organization or parents can handle fees directly with Rising Star Athletics.  Each child will need to have their parent or guardian complete a registration form and waiver before the start of the first class.  

How long are the classes?

     2 year old classes are 30 minutes  and ages 3 and up are 45 minute classes.


What does my location need to supply?

     All Rising Star Athletics would need is an open indoor or outdoor space (weather permitting) that is safe for children to run and play.  Rising Star Athletics will bring all necessary equipment.


If you have additoinal questions or are interested in including youth group fun and games at your facility or location please contact me:

     Coach David Milz


     Phone/Text: 920-355-1180

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